Folklore Friday

Ep:31 The Origins of Celebrating Birthdays

June 26, 2021

Ever wonder where Birthday candles come from? In this episode I do a quick overview of the origins of traditional Birthday celebrations. I also talk a little bit about my Birthday and  a new recipe for a peanut butter and jelly cream pie I tried.

Cake or Pie? Which do you prefer for your Birthday (if you celebrate) Cake or Pie? Which flavor, or do you choose a different dessert? Let me know! You can message me on Instagram or you can email me at In the next episode I will tally up how many votes for Cake or Pie!

Topics and Time Stamps

|00:36| Everyday Folklore: “Bless you”

|03:00| Standard begging for reviews.

|04:45| The History of Birthdays!

|07:05| The Pharaoh's Birthday

|09:15| Birthday Candles originate from Greece

|10:10| Pagan beliefs behind Birthday Candles

|12:00| German Birthday Traditions

|13:30| Early Catholicism stance on Birthdays

|15:07| Quinceañera

|18:50| Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah

|21:29| What I did on my Birthday!

Info References

Music Credit

“Easy Trip Trap” by The Brothers Records

“Birthday Cake” - Reed Mathis

“Happy Birthday Old Timey” by Jammy Jams

“Desert Caravan” by Aaron Kenny

“Oud Dance” BY Doug Maxwell

“Fairy Meeting” Emily Sprague

“Four Beers” by Kevin MacLeod

“Cantus Firmus Monks” by Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions

“El Gavilan” by Quincas Moreira

“Lachaim” by Kevin MacLeod

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