Folklore Friday

Ep:18 The history of The Ouija Board

October 16, 2020

Ever wonder about the History of the Ouija Board? Or were you to scared to even learn about it? There are so many superstitions surrounding this simple board game. But what most people don’t know is for over 100 years this was something that the American Public embraced and saw as a positive experience. If you want to find out how that changed, take a listen. I am joined by my friend Cecilee for this episode.

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Time stamps

5:25 Everyday folklore

9:00 Catch up with the Guest

13:43 The History of The Ouija Board


Musical References

“Easy Trip Trap” by The Brothers Records

“Skeleton Dance” by Myuu


Information References

Monstertalk Podcast ep:199 We Never Play Ouija Board

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