Folklore Friday

Ep:33 Ed & Lorraine Warren and The Occult Museum

July 30, 2021

The couple that inspired The Conjuring universe is what this episode is all about. The first half of the episode is about Ed & Lorraine and their journey to becoming the grandparents of paranormal investigations. Including highlights of their most notable cases, and accusations. The second half is about the Occult Museum, and some of their oddities. Especially the famous Annabelle doll.

Question of the day:

Do you think the Warrens were the real deal, or frauds?

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00:35 Everyday Folklore. The Green Eyed Monster

03:30 Intro Chit Chat. Kris is now my co-host!h

06:05 Ed & Lorraine Warren

31:40 The Occult Museum

44:22 Annabelle Story

EF: Green Eyed Monster

The Occult Museum

The Twilight Zone



“Skeleton Dance” by Myuu

“Easy Trip Trap” by The Brothers Records

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